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Conclusion of Gita, Bible, Quran And Tripiṭaka

By Rajan Thapaliya

Gita, Bible, Quran and Tripitaka often said to be the word of God by followers of various religions are the works of the Supreme Being. They describe how we are related to the ultimate God and how we should live our life so that we do not incur any kind of sins while doing what we must do. They describe how every work becomes worship when our heart is set upon the maker.

Our original occupation is serving the divine, but forgetting our relationship with God, we are engaged in serving many different kinds of masters thus bringing pain and sins in our life. By living our lives according to the scriptural injunctions, we can remain free from all the anxieties and cares that the life brings. By establishing ourselves with the eternal and unchanging principle, we can remain calm during the changing scenario of life. People who are not established in the highest truth lose their sense of right and wrong, even among the smallest problems thus destroying themselves.

different top religious scriptures

Different top religious scriptures

By surrendering our lives to God, we can remain at peace unlike people, who are filled with various desires and are torn by anxieties lasting until death. A calm man who is surrendered unto God is not attached to any place or people, but carries out his duties as ordained by the Supreme thus always remaining pure.

This is the very lesson that Gita, Quran, Bible and Tripitaka teach people. Regular rituals bring us in contact with the Spirit by which the entire universe is pervaded. By following the scriptures, an individual protects himself from going down to lower states of consciousness. Actions performed as ordained by scriptural injunctions are far superior than actions performed disregarding the scripture.

We will never attain peace or happiness until we realize the Supreme Being which goes by different names in different holy books. In Gita, Krishna is represented as God, in Bible, King David, Jesus and Moses are considered to be the representatives of God, in Quran, Prophet Mohammed is recognized as the representative of the Supreme Being while Buddha is representative in the holy books of Buddism.
The whole idea is to remember God/Supreme Being who is the source of everything at all times.

As soon as we lose our focus from God to something else, we become entangled with the creation instead of the creator. This is the cause of lower consciousness and all the misery in the world. People become deluded when they get entangled with material things, sense objects, etc. and do things that destroy themselves.

God is the source of everything. Everything emanates from him. Thus, everything we do, eat, listen etc. must be dedicated to the same God. This is the whole idea behind all the religious books and rituals of different religions. Acting this way, we can remain in the super-conscious state at all times, which is above experiencing sorrow and misery.

We shouldn’t waste our time contemplating upon things other than the Supreme Being. Hindus can meditate upon Krishna, Christians can meditate upon Jesus, Muslims can meditate upon Prophet Mohammad and Buddhists can meditate upon Lord Buddha for guidance. They are all personal forms of the Supreme Being. Thus, being guided by these Gurus in the mode of love and surrender, we can attain the highest aim of life.

Dying is not a big deal, but to live or die at lower states of consciousness is heart rendering. Human life must not be wasted in pursuit of wealth and sense pleasures, but must be utilized in serving and developing a better relationship with God. We must do all our duties by remembering God at all times.
There’s no value of any amount of wealth or power if we aren’t peaceful. Peace comes only as a result of a relationship with God, not by any other means. People who act according to the scriptures of their religion have a lesser degree of lust, anger and greed than others who do not. Thus, people living under the guidance of the scriptures are far happier and content than the richest people of the world. Villages of Nepal and India reveal this fact.

We will ruin ourselves if we forget or disregard the need of our communion with God. Our own mind becomes our worst enemy when it is not set upon the Supreme Being. We will lose all the auspiciousness we have. We will be tormented with all kinds of miseries in this world and next. With the help of Guru/God, we can learn how to properly chart this miserable and transitory world to attain the realm of the immortals thus having an eternal life.

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