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Causes and Treatment of Aging

Aging is a natural phenomenon following which the body undergoes physical changes. Old age is a process related to advanced age. It is an irreversible process which can only be postponed cosmetically. There is no fixed measure for old age, but usually a person is known to be aging once the 40 year mark is crossed.

Although old age brings benefits such as experience and wisdom, with aging comes the toll. Gradually the sense of perception diminishes. Forgetfulness sets in as there is a considerable amount of memory loss. Skin throughout the body becomes fragile and thin resulting in a considerable loss of sensation.

The bones weaken and are prone to ailments of the joints, breakage, eyesight weakens, and digestion is also affected to an extent where one cannot eat foods of choice at will. The symptoms of aging are evident in all parts of the body. The body becomes less active and is thus more prone to disease. Usually, people do not like to face old age.

But one should take the aging process gracefully to effectively counter its effects on the body. Though the body starts to feel changes gradually, one can undertake aging treatments to postpone the process by following an anti-aging diet.

Among the many causes of aging the two most common types are natural aging and unnatural aging. Natural aging is related to the genes and is mainly hereditary in nature. It is difficult to prevent and treat. Unnatural aging is also blamed on external factors like environment, unhealthy diet, and excess drinking habits.

Among causes of aging are free radicals, environment, and genetic inheritance. One can try to come to terms with the aging process by following a healthy anti-aging diet like fresh vegetables and fruits, do a diet low in sugar and fat, consume a lot of water, along with a regular exercise schedule.

This aids one in looking young and fit and also helps avoid running after anti aging treatments. It is believed that an active brain helps in slowing down the aging process, as it benefits the person both mentally and physically. A healthy brain leads to a healthy body. Those who are socially active with good contacts with family and friends, age gracefully with comparatively fewer symptoms of aging.

There is a wide range of anti aging products available in the market. The sagging skin can be uplifted through skin rejuvenation lotions and creams. Anti aging treatments also include usage of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, for suppressing free radicals (simple molecules with one electron missing). Cosmetic surgery is an expensive but effective option sought by those with a high budget.

It is very important to remember that anti aging medications alone can be of little help. One has to do regular exercise, take a proper rest, and eat a healthy diet to fully benefit from the treatments as a whole.

Finally, it should be remembered that steps taken to run away from catching the old age bug only postpones the aging process – not put an end to it. Aging is an inevitable phase of life, and thus one should take the aging process positively and in good spirit.

About the Author: Having suffered long with the ailment, it’s a feel good factor to advice about making health easy and life relaxing.

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