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Is Quran miracle?

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We do believe that the Quran is indeed a miracle because the Quran was revealed to prophet Muhammad around 1500 years ago still it contains many modern scientific facts which are discovered in modern time only. It was impossible for prophet Muhammad or anybody else during that time to create [ Continue reading…]

Hearing God’s instructions via Dhikr and meditation

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[The Quran 2:186]  When My servants ask you about Me, I am always Near. I answer their prayers when they pray to Me. The people shall respond to Me and believe in Me, in order to be guided. God almighty answers our prayers when we pray but most of the [ Continue reading…]

Aliens in the Quran

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The holy Quran clearly says the existence of extraterrestrial life spreading throughout the universe. [42:29]  Among God’s proofs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the living beings  He spreads in them. He is able to summon them, when He wills. God in the Quran clearly mentions [ Continue reading…]