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New Message from God? Archive

How did God create the Universe?

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The new message from God does not talk much on this issue. The physical universe contains unthinkable amount of matter and energy. How was these matter and energy created? God does not say much about it. It is a secret or it is unnecessary for us to know details because [ Continue reading…]

Is God really kind and merciful?

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There are so many bad and cruel things happening in the world. So many diseases, so much blood sheds, so many murders, so many rapes, so much tortures, so much sufferings, etc. etc. If God is all powerful and most merciful how come all those things could happen! The new [ Continue reading…]

Why does almighty God need people to worship him?

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Well, the new message from God is confirming that God basically does not need our worship. Instead we need to serve God by fulfilling God’s will here on the earth. Most of the religious people believe we need to praise, glorify and worship God as much as we can but [ Continue reading…]

Why do different religions keep fighting with one another?

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Essentially, religion is a matter of belief. Different people believe in different ways which cause fighting and bloodshed in some cases. But the New Message from God is revealing that the world major religions were initiated by God for some good reasons and over time different selfish groups, religious and [ Continue reading…]

Why does God create natural disasters?

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Most of the religious people whether he/she is a Muslim or Christian or Jew believe that God punishes the world people for their evil works by different forms of natural disasters such as,  earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. But is it true? It is just a kind of believe without proof, [ Continue reading…]

God’s new message and new messenger?!

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Peace be upon you.  We have come across this site (www.newmessage.org ) where a person named Marshall Vian Summers has claimed being a messenger from God. He  claimed he got a huge revelation from God (so far 9000 pages) and no  other messengers of God before got such a huge revelations as modern [ Continue reading…]