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What is the Hindu caste system and how does it work?

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The caste system is one of the greatest social evils plaguing our country today. It is acting as a powerful social and political divisive force in our country at a time when it is absolutely essential for us to be united if we wish to face our nation’s challenges. It [ Continue reading…]

The Origins of Hinduism

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By Subhamoy Das  The term Hinduism as a religious label refers to the indigenous religious philosophy of the peoples living in modern day India and the rest of the Indian subcontinent. It is a synthesis of many spiritual traditions of the region and does not have a clearly defined set of [ Continue reading…]

Do Hindus Really Worship Idols?

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Hindus are not idol worshippers in the sense implied. We Hindus invoke the presence of God, or the Gods, from the higher, unseen worlds, into stone images so that we can experience His divine presence, commune with Him and receive His blessings. But the stone or metal Deity images are [ Continue reading…]

History Of Hinduism: Saptarshis Was The Founder Of Hinduism

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History of Hinduism has become a highly complex subject because of a lack of understanding of its foundations. When bothered with the question of who founded Hinduism, reactions given are as follows: “Hinduism – as I see it – is a coming together of different philosophies. To find out the [ Continue reading…]