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Hearing God’s voice

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By DAWN REED Walking through the wrapping paper aisle in Hobby Lobby, tears filled my eyes.  Surrounded by the sights and smells of Christmas, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the loss of my mom – my friend of friends, my best cheerleader.  While it has only been 10 months, it [ Continue reading…]

6 Christian families in India given ultimatum: Deny Jesus or flee

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Police in India have ordered six Christian families to either renounce their faith or flee their homes after they reported being brutally attacked by a radical Hindu mob.  Joginder Bhuya, a Christian, told persecution watchdog International Christian Concern that he reported the attack to the Latehar District Police station of Jharkhand state [ Continue reading…]

We are all special and equal in the eyes of God

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If religion contributes anything to the world today, it forces us to push against our human inclination to focus on our own selfish concerns. For many of us this is a fundamental imperative in our calling to serve in God’s world — to do our part in reminding the world [ Continue reading…]

What Jesus Really Said About Heaven and Hell

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None of us likes thinking about death, but there are times when we have little choice. The virus spreads, hospitals fill, and systems become overwhelmed. Our greatest concerns, personal and national, are for survival. But for many people – even the otherwise healthy — the crisis has unexpectedly raised the [ Continue reading…]

How to Establish a Peaceful Christian and Muslim Relationship

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When I made the choice to embrace Islam I thought it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. However my friends and family couldn’t understand why I did it. Why did I reject the “family religion” and choose to follow an “Asian” religion? I believe that deep [ Continue reading…]