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Karma doesn’t work how most people think it does

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Karma is not simple retribution for bad deeds. Eastern traditions view karma as part of a cycle of birth and rebirth. Actions and intentions can influence karma, which can be both positive and negative. The news that Donald Trump got sick with COVID-19 has prompted “karma” to trend on social media. After all, [ Continue reading…]

Why has the pandemic spared the Buddhist parts of Southeast Asia?

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ONE FROM larger puzzles of the global pandemic are found in Southeast Asia. Although they are close to the source of covid-19 in China and one of the current hot spots of the epidemic, India, the partly or largely Buddhist countries of Cambodia, Laos, from Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam barely sneezed. [ Continue reading…]

Ease lockdown stress with meditation tips from Ipswich Buddhist

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In today’s hectic and stressful world, it can be hard to find a moment’s peace. Whether you’re bogged down with work, stressed with studies or just generally feeling overwhelmed right now, it can be difficult to unplug and take five minutes to breathe. That’s where meditation comes in. Ariyanivata, a [ Continue reading…]