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Prophet Muhammad Archive

The prophet Muhammad

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Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was born in Saudi Arabia in Mecca city in 570. In human history God sent many prophets with revealed scriptures. The holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. The prophet came to the then tribal society in a very hard and difficult time. Those tribal people were [ Continue reading…]

Was Muhammad a prophet?

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Many people ask “Was Muhammad a prophet?” especially those who do not believe the Islamic religion. We met several Christians and they do not believe that Muhammad was a prophet of God.  But, of course, all Christians and Jews are not alike. So what are the proofs of Prophet Muhammad’s [ Continue reading…]

Tolerance of Prophet Muhammad towards Other Religions

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Salam. The correct title should be “The tolerance of Islam towards other religions”.  The Prophet was for Islam.  Islam was not Prophet.  The Prophet derived the teaching and wisdom on tolerance from the Quran. [The Quran 16:125] You shall invite to the path of your Lord with wisdom and kind [ Continue reading…]

Prophet Muhammad’s Meditation

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Muhammad (s) said, one hour of meditation is sometimes better that one year of praying (Suyuti, Jamiu’s-Saghir, 2/127; Ajluni, I/310). ” It is known from historical accounts that before his prophetic illumination, Prophet Muhammad used to go to spiritual seclusions and extended retreats of meditation into Mouth Hira near Mecca. It is [ Continue reading…]