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Categories of Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoids is the another name for piles and these are cause due to the swelling in the veins and its surrounding region; therefore it is the diseases which is common in people of every age group. Hemorrhoid is the most common disease that can occur to anyone; hence hemorrhoid treatment is available in almost every hospital.
Most of the people who have undergone with the treatment of hemorrhoids, know that what the methodology of the treatment is.

Some of the hemorrhoid treatment is available in the form of ointment or lotion, which is to be applied in the outer area of the rectum so as to provide relieve to the blood vessels of the body. With the application of the ointment the area of the body relaxes and hence there is very little stuffing. With the reduction of the extra stuffing, chances of the hemorrhoid are very less.

Suppositories are also one way of hemorrhoid treatment, use of the suppositories is done by its insertion in to the rectum and hence preventing any further crack to the affected area. Tablets can also be taken in order to have treatment of hemorrhoid, with the use of these pills you can control the blood pressure of your body so as to protect yourself from many health hazards, because of the fact that these pills makes the veins of your body stronger preventing you from acute health problems.

Other than the above stated treatment for hemorrhoid, cryotherapy is also the category of hemorrhoid treatment. This kind of treatment is adopted when all the above stated medications did not work, although cryotherapy is a surgery and very painful but it provides more better results than any other medication. Some more hemorrhoid treatment is:

-Rubber band ligation; two small rubber bands are placed around the base of the hemorrhoid
-Sclerotherapy; in Sclerotherapy injection of the chemical is done around the hemorrhoid. This chemical which is injected forces the development of the blood vessels causing the hemorrhoid to contract and hence curing person from hemorrhoid.

-Infrared light; infrared light treatment is used to zap the internal hemorrhoid of the body, hence the blood supply will be discarded to the hemorrhoid.
-Stapling; in this kind of hemorrhoid treatment, blood supply is cut- off similar to that of infrared light treatment, but the only difference is that this treatment causes less pain than surgery.

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