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Careers in the Military – What You Need to Know

If you are a young person considering a career to pursue in your life, you have a variety of options. One option that you may want to give some careful consideration is a career in the military. There are a variety of great opportunities available in the military; however, you want to be sure that you pick a field that goes along with your skills, values, and your interests.

As you think about the various options that the military has to offer you, you’ll want to consider what people in the military do, the environment they work in, the training needed to get involved, the opportunities offered, and the wages that you’ll be able to expect.

Education You’ll Need
When it comes to education for the military, to start out with, you need to have your high school diploma to get involved in the military. As you go on to pursuer a military career however, the type of education needed will depend on which specific field you plan to go into. Usually when you first enter the military you are required to go through some type of basic training.

Some positions within the military required special classes, while others require that you go on to college. Once you figure out which specific field you are interested in, then you will better be able to figure out the specific education that you’ll need for that particular job.

Various Positions Available
There are literally hundreds of different positions that are available within the military. However, the positions that are available do heavily depend on the branch of the military that you decide to join. Just a few of the available positions that are available in the military include air crew members, airplane pilots, chaplains, computer systems specialists, divers, firefighters, helicopter pilots, infantry, intelligence officers, machinists, personnel managers, psychologists, seamen, recruiting managers, registered nurses, vehicle drivers, welders, weapons maintenance technicians, and space operations officers.

Finding the Right Position with the ASVAB Test You may not be sure what position is going to be the right one for you within the military, but the military has devised a test that can help. A special ASVAB test has been created that helps to figure out what students are interested in, the things they are good at, and what the military can offer to them.

This is a special aptitude test that includes paragraph comprehension, arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, auto and shop information, general science, mathematics knowledge, and mechanical comprehension. Taking this test can help the military help you find out which fields within the military will be the best fit for you.

There are a variety of different ways that you can receive compensation when you are involved in a military career. First of all, there is basic pay, which is given to every person that is in the military and this is the basis of the salary of a person that is involved in a military career. The amount varies by rank and by the time you have been in the military and of course it does partly depend on your specific field as well.

There are also special pays that some people in the military may qualify for. Some people who are eligible for special pay include parachutists and aviators. Also, hardship or dangerous duties require special pay as well.

Allowances are also part of the compensation that you will receive if you are in the military. Basically an allowance is money that is given to you to cover certain needs, such as housing costs of food. If the government is not covering your housing or your food, then you will receive an allowance to help you pay for these things. However, if you live in government housing and eat on base, you probably won’t receive these allowances.

Another bonus of getting involved in a military career is that they will help you to pay for college, and in some cases they may even pay for all of it. So, if you do have to go on to get further education, often you will have the education totally paid for by the military. So, this is definitely a huge amount of compensation in many cases.

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