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Before You Grab That Online Job Opportunity

While online, there’s a big possibility that you could’ve stumbled upon an online business opportunity advertisement like “Get paid to surf”, “Get paid for online surveys”. It could’ve been sent on your email or you’ve seen it on a classifieds site, forum or in a site’s banner.

Earning extra money offered by these online job opportunities may seem like too good to be true. Who wouldn’t want to earn cash while staying at home and all you need to have is a computer and decent Internet access. Some earn enough to leave their day job while others rely on these as source of extra income.

Before you become excited of these online job opportunities here are some reminders that you should take note:

1. Make a list of prospective companies where you will send your applications as well as their contact person, details, website and other relevant information.

2. Do not pay for any fee to any company. Most legitimate company doesn’t require any membership payment since they are looking for employees to pay for to do the job.

More often than not you would encounter companies who asks for initial payments and offers money back guarantee, you should be cautious since the Internet is an easy place for fraud. You could join these companies if someone you knew and trust have already had a first hand experience and referred you to this company.

3. Do use a separate email account that you can use for all transactions for your search, sign up and correspondence for your online business opportunity. It is also advisable to create another account for payments to be secured from spams and bouncing emails. Maximize the free email accounts offered by different companies.
4. Make sure to create a schedule for your side job. It shouldn’t conflict with your main interest like your day job or your family when your a full time mom. Choose a schedule wherein there are no distractions since these paid online jobs are also actual jobs where you need to give effort and attention to gain income.

5. Do provide your correct personal information. Most likely, if the program that you joined is a paid online survey, the purpose of that company is to test their product in the market. Your age, nationality and demographics is a big part getting accurate data for their whole marketing research.

6. Be prepared to work hard. In every job opportunity you should give your best to get the highest productivity and profit.

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About the Author: Mei recommends the Free Online Classifieds section of Oz Free Online for home based job opportunities listings.

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