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Are we friends or servants of God?

It is indeed very difficult question to answer. But if we try to understand the holy Quran deeply and use our common sense it is not so difficult to understand that we are friends of Allah (God) and not servants of God really!

To be honest I do not want to be a servant of anybody or anything! I did not ask God to create me to be His servant. If God created me to be His servant only, God is selfish and not really good. How can I love such God the most? God knows very well that love is a thing cannot be gotten by force! But God confirms that those who have full faith in God love God the most.

[The Quran 2:165]  … Those who believe in God love GOD the most…

Why does a true believer love God the most? The answer is simple. Because God also loves us so much. God’s love is much more than even our parents’ love.  That is the reason a true believer loves God the most.

God has taken Prophet Abraham as His friend and Abraham is our father so in that sense we are definitely not the servants of God. The relationship between God and us is not a relationship of Master-slave one.

[The Quran 10:62]  Lo! verily the friends of Allah! no fear shall come upon them nor shall they grieve.

[10:63]  They are those who believe and lead a righteous life.

[10:64]  For them, joy and happiness in this world, as well as in the Hereafter. This is GOD’s unchangeable law. Such is the greatest triumph.

We would therefore suggest that do not fear God; instead love and respect God the most. God will never punish us even if we commit many sins. God is the most merciful and most kind. But if you commit a sin you must pay the due price because God will not interfere here.

So if you commit even a small sin you will have to pay the due and exact price. So to do crime or sin is the worst stupidity you can ever make!  Be really smart! Never ever commit any sin or crime. God loves us so much and that is why God warns us not to do any sin or crime. My God, you are so Great, I love you so much and I miss you so much too.


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