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America and Nationality

Mutual respect is the very cornerstone laid by our forefathers in building this great nation of ours, the United States of America. This is the reasonable tolerance and respect of the diverse cultures that each person possesses. Such respect outlines the freedom that we take pride in as Americans.

The United States of America is the opulent embodiment of what the intangible concept of democracy really is. We are branded as the nation of many races. This is the nation incarnate of the dream of convergence among people who are rejoicing in their similarities and respecting each other in their differences. This is a nation steered toward life, liberty and happiness.

On account of this, the utopia of a country with varied – and sometimes, conflicting – creeds living in accordance with the common vision of freedom and value for life is built. Multitudes flock to and find refuge in this country now labeled as the “melting pot” – the verdant pasture where personal and financial opportunities abound, and where color and race do not define division. However, some boundaries are to be drawn; or else, this utopia will crumble and vanish into thin air. Nationality – for the blessed, and immigration – for the less fortunate, are defined.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (McCarran – Walter Act) was the first attempt made to establish the balance between stretching our hand to succor others on the one hand, and protecting our nation from being ravished and adulterated on the other. Opinions were weighed. Some were with the act. Others were against it. Prudence prevailed. Respect for the choice of one and of the other manifested. The act was ratified.

Time changes and remains the same at the same time. This is a fact that baffles the many while it is accepted by the few. Many revisions are made to ensure that justice and democracy are upheld and heralded. This act is not – and has not been – barring aliens from entering our national borders and from being called Americans. There are guidelines, however, that they need to follow to uphold the integrity of our nation and the security of the denizens of this country. Legal actions are essential to make sure that the pride of being American is not dented, and eventually broken.

The present act on immigration and nationality may still have some rooms for revisions and improvements. At the end of the day, what matters most is that each citizen of America is free to the real sense of the word, and is not constantly haunted by the claws of the law which is constantly sieving the sheep with green cards from those which grazed the pastures illegally.

Nicklaus Misiti is Chief Attorney and C.E.O. of one of the most successful immigration law firms in the United States, Misiti Global, PLLC. Misiti Global is headquartered in New York City but handles immigration cases throughout the United States and world. Chief Attorney Nicklaus Misiti has worked for Senator Hillary Clinton, the Federal District Courts, the Department of Homeland Security, an Immigration Court Judge and now has formed one of New York City’s most talked about immigration law practices.


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