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Accident Claims: When Should I Make a Claim?

When should you make accident claims? Whenever you have been involved in an incident or accident that, through no fault of your own, has resulted in you sustaining an injury, or in some way having the normal tenor of your life disrupted in a disadvantageous fashion. As a rule of thumb, any incident whereby you have been caused distress is enough to make an inquiry with accident claim lawyers in to the advisability of making a claim.

You don’t have to have just had your accident, either. If you have had any kind of accident or incident as described above, within the last three years, then you will be entitled to make accident claims . For any kind of claim, old or new, the quickest way to get things in motion is to talk to your accident claim lawyers.

Make inquiries about making a claim in any situation where someone else, either an individual or a corporation, can be blamed for what happened to you. Even some slips, trips and falls are suitable incidents for a claim: where your Council has altered a surface with insufficient signage, or has failed to repair a surface, there may be grounds for legal claims to compensation.

Making accident claims is very easy. Initially, you need to contact an accident claim lawyer, or a company that provides the services of accident solicitors. Your case will be assessed by the experts, who will make a recommendation that the lawyer take it on if they think it is likely to generate a successful result.

At this point your lawyer will make the claim official with a Letter of Claim, and will probably ask you to gather medical evidence from approved sources (your accident claims lawyer will point you in the right direction and can sometimes make appointments for you). Once you have retrieved the necessary information your accident claim lawyers will be able to complete your case, normally with satisfactory results.

You should make a claim in all the following cases: where you have been involved in an accident at work; where you have been involved in a car accident; where you have been a victim of medical negligence; where you have had a slip, trip or fall; and where a public liability issue is raised. Because all accident claims (as noted) are assessed by your accident claim lawyers before they proceed to litigation, you require no prior knowledge of likely success.

All employers are legally liable for compensation if they fail to adhere to health and safety guidelines governing the workplace, its processes, and the storage and use of equipment, If you feel that your employer has been lax in any of these areas and caused your accident, you are entitled to claim. Similarly, Government authorities, Councils and other public bodies may be liable where they can be shown to have failed in their duty of care.

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