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A slum in Agartala where Hindus and Muslims celebrated Durga Puja together

The Durga Puja committee at Mollapara is headed by a Muslim – Ruhiz Miah. The Puja committee consists of 31 members — 18 are Muslims and the 13 others are Hindus Most of the time Hindus and Muslims are not able to see eye to eye. But Hindus and Muslims of a slum in Agartala have been celebrating Durga puja together – setting a clear example of communal harmony. It’s been 19 years that this particular slum has been following the tradition of celebrating Durga puja together. People from the two religious communities of Mollapara slum, one of the 59 registered slums in and around Agartala municipal council areas, have set up a Durga Puja pandal at Tular Maath, a playground.

In an exemplary symbol of unity and brotherhood, the committee took no money from those outside their slum, but raised Rs 55,000 among themselves, and through donations from some patrons, managed to arrange Rs 80,000 for the Puja, unlike the previous year’s budget of Rs 1.2 lakh. Though is a smaller scale compared to earlier times, Mollapara puja committee did not break the tradition and celebrated Durga puja will all the devotion and gratitude for Maa Durga amid coronavirus pandemic.

Source: https://www.sentinelassam.com

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