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A prescription of a non-Muslim: how a Muslim can really be a peaceful one!

As an Indian non-muslim who has observed Muslims for over 20 years, I can suggest the following:

You can explain to the people by being a good Muslim.

Don’t try to preach Islam to them, or

Try to in any way suggest that Islam is the greatest religion, or

Try to conclude that others’ religion is wrong.

Don’t encourage conversion to Islam and instead propagate the altruistic idea of all religions being equal.

Don’t judge women for their clothing, don’t suggest that they should cover their skins according to your sensibilities, don’t harrass them for their choices.

Don’t offer namaz at public places obstructing the traffic or on pavements. Offer namaz at your home instead or in a mosque.

Don’t slaughter any animal on Eid since Islam is religion of peace and bloodshed indicates violence.

Don’t support sharia law over the law of the land viz. the constitution of the country where you reside.

Don’t support hijab for Muslim women. Let them wear what they prefer.

Oppose this fallacy that men are allowed to beat their wives.

Observe allMuslimfestivals but refrain from celebrating those rituals which promote bloodshed or violence like Muharram or Goat sacrifice during Eid.

Observe all good Islamic virtues like donating to the poor, helping the needy, feeding the hungry etc.

Condemn ISIS and Al Qaeda and other terror outfits. Don’t classify them as bad terrorists or good terrorists or try to suggest that ISIS is a creation of America.

If Muslims start doing the above mentioned things, I am sure people would not afraid of Islam and Islam would be believed to be a religion of peace.

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  1. mohammad nurul huq says:

    Practicing Muslims were always loved by non-Muslims. There were no alternatives to Muslims for keeping peace, defending all and establishing justice. So, the only requirement for all Muslims is return to Quraan and sunnah. All non-Muslims will seek help from Muslims instead of Muslims seeking justice from them

  2. Ebrahim H. Rashid says:

    The truth of the matter is that there is a lot of misconceptions about Islam. Sometimes this can be through misrepresentations and sometimes when people see some nasty things done in the name of Islam.

    It is obvious that if I want to learn about any religion or school of thought, I need to study their authentic books, sit down with their learned scholars and also visit their places of worship. Still more important is the fact that be open minded, free of all kind of prejudice.

    Study the history of Islam, biographies of people like the holy Prophet Muhammad and his holy progeny (peace be upon them all) and the true, sincere and devoted companions of the holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his holy progeny).

    It is a fact that today Islam is the fastest non-violent growing religion in the world. People who study Islam through the right channel cannot help themselves but fall in love with it.

  3. I wish we Muslims could be less ostentatious while sacrificing animals on the occasion of Eid-ud-duha.

  4. mohammad nurul huq says:

    If you are practicing Muslim, Allah will love you. He will make everything easy for you. Sacrificing animal is not a problem; Food chain-shops are killing hundreds of thousand animals everyday,. If you do not discriminate small animals from big ones, the what to tell about poultry? Killing is the same all? Terrorism is never a symbol of Islam. Rather it is always persisting in other groups.

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