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5 Tips on Resume Writing

Preparing resumes a challenge! It’s not easy to shine out amongst hundreds of resumes no matter how extraordinary your skills or work experiences are. Here are 5 tips that will help you land in your dream job.
1) Match the Title/Heading with the Advertised Position

This is a ‘must’ to grab the employer’s attention quickly. As they have to scroll through hundreds of resumes, it is imperative that your resume should stand out amongst the crowd by listing titles that match the one used on the job position you are applying for.

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For example, for the advertised job position of “Marketing Coordinator”, ensure your resume includes titles such as “Marketing Coordinator” or if more accurate, “Marketing Project Manager” or “Marketing Assistant”. You can’t lie about your work experience but you must tailor your resume so that it is relevant to the role you are applying for.

2) Design and Write Beautifully

The design of your resume must emphasize the most important information about your work experience, skills and educational qualifications. At first glance this information forms the image that employers have of your skills and abilities.

The content you include describing your skills and abilities determines how many interviews you will be considered for and what salary range you will be offered.

For example, it’s better to say “Managed 450 accounts and reported directly to the Chief Financial Controller” than to say, “Managed Accounts”. Quote specifics.

3) Use Powerful, Key Words specific to the Job

It helps to mention trade vocabulary words in the resume. These words are often found in the ad copy itself. Learn to observe the key words that employers use in ‘help wanted’ ads and use them when creating your resume and also in the subsequent interviews. If you haven’t already, learn to speak the jargon of the industry you are intending to work in.

4) Sell your skills

Most resumes provide a list of duties that the applicant has been responsible for without explaining the benefit of those skills to employers.

For example, a secretary’s resume might state she can type 80 wpm and her accuracy is 99%. This statement lacks an explanation of how her typing speed and accuracy benefit an employer’s bottom line. The real benefit is that the employee can produce high volume, high quality work and ultimately save the employer money. Sell the skills by mentioning how it will help the future employer.

5) Create an image to match salary needs

While writing a resume, make sure to create an image that matches the level of job and salary you want. For example, the language used in a resume for submitted for a $15 an hour position would be different to the language used for a $40 an hour position.

By keeping these points in mind, a well created resume will achieve its main objective – to get you an interview! All the best with the job hunting and let your resume speak on your behalf!

About the Author: Anthony Price is a Director of Norwest Recruitment, a Norwest jobs and career consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. He helps businesses with recruitment in Norwest region of Sydney, Australia.

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